The new AgieCharmilles CUT P series

Unleash your imagination

Position your business to face future challenges and gain access to Limitless Possibilities with the new CUT P series.
In a new era of innovation, the current industrial revolution is redefning the way we work.

To be revealed on June 06, 2017

Empowering human competence

Designed to be combined. The beauty remains in the details.
A new way of experiencing ergonomics, simplifying your life so you can achieve more.

Get a broader view with our new,
user-oriented human-machine interface.

Every detail is engineered to
simplify your daily work.

At the heart of your application

From a few grams to six tons and whether you are producing surgical tools or aluminium die casting molds for automotive,
our cutting-edge product line ensures perfect results for your most critical applications.

From fine wires for accuracy to coated wires for productivity: Expand your business step by step.

Easily cut large angles on heavy and diffcult-to-machine parts with superb results.

A complete range of products with a solution for every application.

Smarter than ever

The future is data driven, from the control of each spark to the monitoring of the entire workshop. Our ultra-high performance generator allows you to achieve superlative results. Our smart solutions ensure the availability of your production tool.

A new machine aligned with Industry 4.0: intelligent solutions to optimize your production processes.

Outperform your expectations with our Intelligent Power Generator controlling the spark down to the nanosecond.

Our SMART solutions and rConnect support guarantee your production tool’s maximum uptime

More with less

Increase your tooling life, reduce your scrap parts, control your quality, avoid manual interventions, and work 100 percent automatically. Experience a truly productivity-centric solution.

Up to 20% faster

Down to 0.08 µm surface finish

From slug management to 100% automation: Explore our productivity solutions

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